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With carefree lyrics, driving instrumentation and cruising melodies, Big Time Grain Company provides the ultimate cross-country joy ride. 

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Gashouse Radio 

Big Time Grain Company’s latest single, the smooth-grooving “Sunday Morning,” sees the country duo taking a slight step away from the rock n’ roll tone of their EP 401k and embracing a brooding blues sound instead.  “Sunday Morning” presents listeners with... 


Indie Source

In “Sunday Morning,” the all-new single from acclaimed country duo Big Time Grain Company, we can feel the passion in the lead vocal well-before we understand the lyrics that it’s so elegantly crooning to us. There’s shades of Johnny Cash, Mark Lanegan, Leonard Cohen... 

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The Ark of Music

The Bourquin brothers, Chad(guitar, vocals) and Bret (bass, vocals) stumbled through their own respective musical journeys for years, playing with other bands in other genres, before realizing that the wholesome, warm-hearted chemistry they’d been searching.... 

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Stereo Stickman

This is admittedly the first time Big Time Grain Company’s music has crossed my path, but it’s easily the most certain I’ve been that their sound is one worth re-visiting. Sunday Morning makes for a fine introduction and a... 

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Shock Ya!

Traveling the world and experiencing an intriguing and unique adventure can often harbor an alluring attraction to many young adults. But the longer their journey on the road lasts, the more the process can lose its appeal for some people... 


Skope Mag

An expressive, emotionally charged look at domestic life emerges on Big Time Grain Company’s “Sunday Morning”. The track’s highly detailed articulate storytelling unfurls in such a careful patient way. Vocals have a reassuring aura to them with the deep register... 

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Indie Pulse Music

As Chad and Bret Bourquin explain it, growing up in Colby, KS, guitars, banjos, fiddles and mandolins were part of their lives. Every holiday meal was followed by a hoedown style jam session. When their dad invented the Bourquin Weedpuller, the brothers went... 


Rawckus Magazine

Kansas City’s country-Americana outfit Big Time Grain Company just released a new single, called “Sunday Morning, a song about the sweet joy of coming after time on the road. This song is super-duper excellent!... 

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Review Fix

There are a great many ways to “sing the blues.” The eclectic sound, a musical staple ever since its inception, gives a beat to the aching heart of the artist. The sound has also proven flexible enough to fit many genres and aesthetics...